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PetSafe Drinkwell Current Pet Fountain Small 1 2 Litre JWVVXJXIJ

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AUTOMATIC CIRCULATION - The constant Circulation of your Pet's Drinking Water deters the spread of bacteria, keeping the water clean and Fresh TastingUSER FRIENDLY - The Current Pet Fountain features a snap lock lid, preventing Pets from tampering. The additional hand grips allow for easy carrying and placement of the Drinking FountainHYGIENIC - The Current Pet Fountain can be placed in the dishwasher to ensure a thorough and Easy Clean (remove pump before doing so)DISCREET - Running on only 12 V and with the submergible pump, the Circulation of the Clean, Fresh Water will be almost silentBPA FREE PLASTIC - The plastic construction of the 360 Fountain is free from harmful chemicals and contaminants

The Drinkwell 1.2 Litre Current Pet Fountain is the ideal source of Fresh Water for your small Dogs and Cats. The Submergible Pump and lack of Water Streams allow the Drinking Fountain to run almost silently, making this a subtle addition to your home that you and your Pets will love. For those felines that insist on drinking from Fresh Water, the constant Circulation of the Current Fountain keeps the Water clean and free from chemical taints or odours. The Current Pet Fountain is Simple to take apart and can be placed in the dishwasher for Easy Cleaning. Further enhancements to the User Friendly and innovative design are the handgrips for Easy carrying and the snap lock lid that stops the Fountain from being disassembled by curious Pets. Replaceable Charcoal Filters not only prevent food, hair and other debris from being circulated through the fountain, but remove any unwanted tastes from Pet’s Clean Drinking Water. The Drinkwell Current Pet Fountain is constructed from BPA free plastic making it free from harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Included in the box

1 x Foam Filter

1 x Charcoal Filter

1 x Power adaptor

1 x Drinkwell Current Fountain

1 x Operating Guide

Important Information

Fountain is dishwasher safe

Never place the filter housing or the pump in the dishwasher

Place foam filter in the water prior to use

For indoor use only

Product Dimensions

Item Length: 20.82 cm

Item Width: 21.08 cm

Item Height: 8.63 cm

Box Contains

1 x Current Pet Fountain

1 xusers manual

PetSafe Drinkwell Current Pet Fountain Small 1 2 Litre JWVVXJXIJ

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