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1 water lily variety Rose Arey pink flower DAVOCKCFK

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Design your garden pond with our plants.Water Lilies it inhibit the algae growth.Lily in, quality. Ideal for Grow With Our D

purchase here the following water lily:

Rose Arey

Description: Breeder: Mrs. Helen Fowler, United States, 1913. It has large, star-shaped, pink-pink flowers, diameter about 18 to 20 cm. Floriferous and fragrant. The orange stamens are above yellow at the top. The upper leaf surface is green, the underside strong reddish speckled. The leaves are shield-shaped and relatively small (diameter about 12 to 10 cm). Remains open as long as a cut flower. For small pond this is one of the best rose / pink varieties.

water depth: 30 cm - 1.20 m

1 water lily variety Rose Arey pink flower DAVOCKCFK

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