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1 kg Tropical Almond Leaves Terminalia Catappa Leaves Indian Almond EEWRGAKEM

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1 kg Tropical Almond Leaves, Terminalia Catappa Leaves, Indian Almond

Terminalia Catappa Leaves are used for many years of successful breeders in aquatics. The leaves come from the Asian Terminalia Catappa. Catappa Leaves are particularly suitable for use in the aquarium, terrarium and Paludarium. The effect of Catappa Leaves has long been a secret of successful South-East Asian fish and prawn breeders. Meanwhile, the successes are by Catappa Leaves no longer a secret, because they are already used worldwide to improve the water quality. The pH of the aquarium water is lowered, the conductivity only slightly affected and the water is enriched with precious ingredients, which act preventively and healing in deficiency symptoms and diseases, in particular: Bite wounds, Fungal infections Parasite infestation, Hole disease in Discus, Mucosal damage Fin rot, Spawn mold, Gill flukes. Further characteristics of the Seemandelbaumbl tter: promote spawning, help shrimp in skin regeneration, Bettas are, fighting and gourami to foam nest building, promote in fish flaking, give the aquarium a natural appearance and habitat similar bind heavy metals, In addition, the leaves are a very popular food for shrimp, catfish and Bettas and also a particular favorite of shrimp and young fish as a hiding place. The original source of Catappa Leaves is the Western Pacific Region. Meanwhile, however, they grow in other regions with similar climate. Our Catappa Leaves come mainly from the rain forests of Cambodia, where nature is really still in order. Of course, they are characterized chlorophyll pesticides and pollution-free. Once they are mature naturally on the tree, they are collected by hand, washed, bundled and sun-dried before they are sent on their way to germany. Especially for NANO Basin is also suitable our Catappa Leaves - konzentrat, leaf ends with concentrated effect. ( Also known as Tropical Almond Leaves, Sweet Almond Leaves, Wild Almond Leaves, Sea Almond Leaves, Catappa Leaves, Java Almond Leaves, Ketapang Leaves, Leaf )

1 kg Tropical Almond Leaves Terminalia Catappa Leaves Indian Almond EEWRGAKEM

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